Our Commitment to Making a Difference for Our Planet

Sustainability is a Core Value of Kool Ideas.

Sustainability relates to the products sold to be "safe for the environment, from production to packaging."

Have you ever wondered what happens to the corporate gifts you hand out?

The main purpose of Promotional Products/ Corporate Gifts is to hand out as gifts to employees, customers or suppliers & remind them of the company whose logo they bear. However, many of these products are not kept for a long time & they are thrown into the garbage. When considering the social & environmental costs associated with manufacturing and disposal, this can be quite a short shelf life.

KI wants to do our part & help lead the way for environmentally and socially responsible gift solutions. When partnering with our clients, we like to assist, educate & offer Merch Products that are "made to last" & are more respectful of the environment and of society.

KI believes that everyone can incrementally make change in the world through our consumer behaviour.

KI is committed to partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to support a healthy planet in their business practices.


KI "Give Back" Initiatives

woman collecting trash

Community Cleanup

KI is excited to begin a partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to Global Reforestation and planting trees around the globe. Trees clean our air & water, create habitat for biodiversity & contribute to our health & well-being. We care deeply about the planet & want to give back to nature.
1 Tree will be planted for every KI order!





KI proudly supports Water First, a Canadian charitable organization which addresses water challenges in Indigenous communities.


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